Waffles are not just for sharks, because people enjoy them, too.
cooking waffles

Waffles for Sharks

Pancakes, called hotcakes, griddle cakes or flapjacks, contain eggs, butter and milk, as do waffles. Waffles of the world go by one name, the same as sharks.

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A stingray is flat like a pancake and naturally comes with a smile.
stingrays look like pancakes

Pancake Stingrays

Meet stingays of the shark family in The Amazing Flight of Little Ray. The shape of these fish gets them called pancake shark, flat shark and pancake stingray.

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A stingray and a shark appear together, showing their different shapes.
ray and shark friends

Combine The Essence

Like pancakes and waffles, rays and sharks are combinations of the same components, substances and elements. Textures and shapes distinguish them.

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Connect the Jaws

Churches and restaurants serve up pancake specials. Smiling customers may get “freebies”. Waffles should be served for the week of shark celebration and other striking occasions. This umbrella site and related content will be ceded jointly or separately to Navy SEALs interested in carrying their elite brand of physical strength, stamina and endurance home to their communities. Candidates will be received on a first-come, first-served basis. There is no entry cost.

The pancake form offers special abilities. Fascinating pancake stingray facts captivate children and put smiles on faces. Everyone should applaud the waffle and pancake duo. Collaborators raise awareness about shark family contributions. The wound-healing abilities, cancer-immunities and other secrets of sharks, stingrays and electric rays can help people. Together, we can bust steriotyping, stop bullying and nuture teamwork..

Angel sharks resemble stingrays. No stingrays look like sharks. The huge size of giant mantas, deep-water stingrays and whale sharks is surprising. Adult sharks can be as small as the cookie cutters used to give dough fun shapes. Facts and fantasy from Little Ray Children’s Books are sure to get everyone doing shark crafts, stingray shuffle dances and soaring to flying stingray and shark heights. His books about grit for kids inspire.

The goal is to raise reading rates with thick waffles for sharks and thin pancakes for rays. Thrilled readers are unlikely to pass up invitations to sit down for these treats. Literacy improves with everyone reading, talking and celebrating fine foods, animals, books and missions. With folks reading, the absurdities filling news channels may begin to lessen.

The originator of this concept will continue to provide free service throughout the transition of ownership. It is hoped we can disrupt current focus on a few old name brands. This restrains market freedoms and limits exposures to important subjects. Navy SEALs as role models are welcome in public places where security protocols may block entry to upstart competitors.

Next Steps…

Connecting waffles and sharks should get everyone smiling. Smiles reflect joy, success, love and the fun of good food and actions.