Waffles are not just for sharks, because people enjoy them, too.
cooking waffles

Waffles for Sharks

Pancakes, called hotcakes, griddle cakes or flapjacks, contain eggs, butter and milk, as do waffles. Waffles of the world go by one name, the same as sharks.

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A stingray is flat like a pancake and naturally comes with a smile.
stingrays look like pancakes

Pancake Stingrays

Meet stingays of the shark family in The Amazing Flight of Little Ray. The shape of these fish gets them called pancake shark, flat shark and pancake stingray.

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A stingray and a shark appear together, showing their different shapes.
ray and shark friends

Combine The Essence

Like pancakes and waffles, rays and sharks are combinations of the same components, substances and elements. Textures and shapes distinguish them.

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Connect the Jaws:

Churches and restaurants serve up pancake specials. Smiling customers may get “freebies”. Waffles should be served for the week of shark celebration and other striking occasions. Sharks’ elite brand of physical strength, stamina and endurance belongs in all communities.

The pancake form offers special abilities. Fascinating pancake stingray facts captivate children and put smiles on faces. Everyone should applaud the waffle and pancake duo. The wound-healing abilities, cancer-immunities and other secrets of sharks, stingrays and electric rays raise awareness about shark family contributions. Let’s bust steriotyping and stop bullying of people and animals.

Angel sharks resemble stingrays. No stingrays look like sharks. The huge size of giant mantas, deep-water stingrays and whale sharks is surprising. Adult sharks can be as small as the cookie cutters used to give dough fun shapes. Let’s get everyone doing shark crafts, stingray shuffle dances and soaring to stingray and shark heights.

Rights Assignment:

Terry Verduin wrote 20 children’s stories. Award-winning Australian author Graeme Lofts was the final editor. Several titles were self-published under the V. R. Duin pen name. Allied websites about subjects of human interest rank highly in search engine result pages. Transfer to growth-oriented achievers is the best hope for perpetuation of this Web and literary content. Waffles for Sharks gives context for partnerships and events involving food industry, education and wildlife conservation. It is a natural fit with Little Ray’s high-ranking platform.

Grab Hold:

An established few early arrivers predominate in publishing. They are entrenched in public awareness by long history. Surprising content delivered in influential context may bring welcome disruptions to this stale status quo.

Terry Verduin welcomes an opportunity to transition from writing to ghostwriting, before becoming a ghost. She will support new owners as needed. After profitability is achieved, she hopes to gradually recoup her investments of time and money.

Little Ray Children’s Books include three self-published titles, “The Amazing Flight of Little Ray”, “Little Ray & Shark Patch Things Up” and “The Foxy Armadillos”. Descriptions and reader reviews are on Amazon. Ignore the naughty rerouting tactic top-and-center on the V. R. Duin page. This sales channel tries to avoid printing individual books for its authors.