Take Amazing Flight

This illustration is from The Amazing Flight of Little Ray, written under author Terry Verduin’s pen name of V. R. Duin. Children can test their wings and soar to new heights with inspiration from this young stingray. Teamwork and encouragement from parents and friends were important to his triumph. Agented growth-minded candidates should visit V. R. Duin to borrow property rights for one year, with a goal for mainstream placement and acquisition. The cross-platform reboot should be win-win for everyone. Everything is in place to speed publication and support administration under new ownership.

Help Others

Despite natural conflict between stingrays and sharks, the second Little Ray book ends with unusual friendships on land and in the sea. Little Ray & Shark Patch Things Up shows help can come from unexpected sources. It proves first impressions can be very wrong. Little Ray and his boating friends take notice when an apparent danger ends up helping a disabled craft get to shore. The story ends well, because everyone contributes their utmost. Results often come when and where least expected. Teamwork usually is required.

Celebrate Waffles

Waffles deserve the respect and celebration bestowed upon pancakes at fund-raising activities. Canadian summer festivals, Christian traditions and restaurant chains are serving up free pancakes. Many people think waffles taste and look better. They come with an enriching variety of grids to hold special fillings. This alone gives cause for celebration! Social-friendly moments can be enhanced by partnering with shark and children’s causes. Public commentary and news about shark scares, attacks and bites can be improved when facts substitute for opinions.

Pancake Fans

Bring out those spatulas. Add tails to your pancake forms. Stir up solutions for the environmental threats and intentional harm faced by rays and sharks. Stingrays are called pancake sharks for good reason. People argue the merits of rich water, but most water on earth is filthy. International pancakes of the culinary, literary and acquatic world can combine guidance, knowledge and expertise to garner credible, responsible and authoritative results. Fix false fears, share information and raise awareness about the importance of reading facts and celebrating goodness on land and in water.

New Approach

“Our philosophy” or “Our vision” should align with good appetites and manners. Pancakes help celebrate memorable occasions. Connect popular international sharks with waffles and drive home the pancake-to-stingray connection. Sharks deserve more than a week of celebration. The food industry and wildlife conservation professionals add extension, fuel food for thought and contribute to good causes.

Our Story

This mission got its beginning in children’s stories about stingrays, sharks and animals. Lessons in heroism from the books led to the website for Little Ray Children’s Books. Informative articles deliver wild animal surprises, including amazing shark encounters. Shark populations are declining about as fast as reading rates. Together, we may reverse these sad trends by adopting elite Navy SEAL strength, discipline and endurance.


After profitability is achieved, the creator hopes to gradually recover her past investments and charges for any ongoing services. She will contribute all, but a minimal living wage, to further the extensive causes of this platform.


The Goopy Ghost is about scaring up fun holiday crafts, foods, campfire ghost stories, ghost sounds, ghost sightings, ghost busting, ghost hunting and more. The platform should go to someone with strong interests in spurring young imaginations and busting fears.

The site for Reading Rates encourages fun home reading to overcome resistance to this pillar for education. Holidays bring families together, strengthen traditions and spur creative activities. This platform is a natural fit with the spirit of the Goopy Ghost.

The world of birds in Dolly the Parrot presents bird care, feeding, training, habits and other facts about birds in captivity and in the wild. Three manuscripts are behind this platform. It should go to someone with avian-welfare interests.

Take Command

Put Waffles and Sharks together for the benefit of the ocean ecology and communities on land.

Shark Family

Pancake Sharks.

Stingrays are part of the shark family. They are endangered, too.

End the Myths.

Stereotyping is scary.

Sharks have undeserved bad reputations. Learn the facts.


Do something.

Connect sharks and waffles to make a difference with jaws.