Publishing / Writing Support

Graeme Lofts

This award-winning Australian author contributed extensively to the books and manuscripts associated with the Waffles for Sharks platform. If necessary and appropriate, his archive of edits and professional insights are available to lend support to existing or pending work via this official website.

Technology / Tech Support

Howard Fellman

This top-flight expert mentored our administrator and troubleshoots for this platform. Should website or social media intervention be needed to support the ongoing administration of Waffles for Sharks, the services of this Academic Dean at PC Professor Technical Institute are available.

Illustration / Support

Bonnie Lemaire

This amazing illustrator provided all artwork for the existing book titles associated with the Waffles for Sharks platform. Her archive of artwork also was provided to Carlos Wild for his “Goopy Ghost at Christmas” song. She lends support via her Boniella FB page.


Take Charge

Terry Verduin aspires to transfer Web and Literary platforms to growth-minded achievers. Over the decades, each content element has been built, tested and revised. It is time to bring in new team players who wish to carry their heroic names into their home communities. The content is ripe for change of ownership. No initial payment to the creator is required. Future profitability should cover her prior costs and ongoing efforts. A long history of social-responsibility and perseverance should be obvious to interested parties.

Legal / Personal

In Place

Legal representatives with official authority and full access to funds are available for continuing operation by the support team during ownership transition. Growth-oriented achievers are invited to step up to the plate. Active recruitment is a goal. Professional representation is sought for proper transfer of rights. This opportunity is announced on social media.