Hero / #1

Terry Verduin (see: V. R. Duin) aspires to cede critical services, events, appearances, products, partnerships, outreach and contributions to battle-proven achievers.

Leader / #2

Here’s space for another exciting conversation. An achiever is sought to evolve Little Ray’s Children’s Books. Success gives children inspiration to become future leaders.

Winner / #3

Nobody will consider this winner third favorite in the Olympic sweep of collaborators spurring Reading Rates. The welfare of global communities belongs in these hands.

Here’s where to feature more collaboration.

Let’s tell the world more about this contributor to important social, economic and societal causes. Aviation involvements make a perfect match with Dolly the Parrot awareness.

Here’s room for a survivor.

This survivor faces fears with resounding success. Backed by seemingly supernatural power and strategic thought, the Goopy Ghost gains hardy governance.

Add meaning:

Consumers seek reciprocal commitment from the businesses and services they patronize. They want more for their purchases. Brand loyalty flourishes on zero-waste platforms of social and environmental impact.

Engaging and relentless pursuit of harmony and goodwill resonates today. Team players forge influential and natural connections between participants and observers. Nothing great happens in isolation.

Mutually-supportive objectives succeed with active outreach to relevant platforms. This mission evolved naturally from niches created by waffles and sharks, pancakes and rays. It can thrive with joint development, marketing and public relations efforts.

These interests align in a public way. New connections express something good for confidence, to project a new set of skills or to show fearlessness. The world will be looking each week for something learned, implemented or explored.

The creator of this platform believes these proven combatants will topple ancient literary regimes locked in power by fading history. Resting on laurels is alien to natural- born leaders. Their success model is born of battle.

Explore allied Web and literary platforms available for acquisition by growth-oriented achievers. Through acquisition of new materials, expansion can be accelerated, without sacrificing necessary time for public appearances and events.